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                          Past Life Regresssion Therapist


Mr.Vijay Jain is a trained and an experienced past life therapist. He holds experience of 8 years in past life therapy. Vijay has successfully healed patients through past life therapy. Diseases healed by Vijay through past life therapy are: Migraine, Asthma, Chronic pains and aches, Relationship problems, phobia, Paranoia, Addictions, Obsessive Compulsive disorders OCD, Recurrent dreams.



Mr.Vijay Jain

49, Shree Rang Villa Row Houses,

Near R.J.Commerce college

Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380015

Gujarat, India


Cell :   91-09824010967

Timings: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

              Sunday closed

Testimonials of regression patients:

I am 35 years old man and had been suffering with phobia and suspicion for months in Canada. I telephoned Vijay Sir and told my problem to him. He advised me to come to India and have past life regression.I came for the therapy sessions and in three sessions I was completely healed with no traces of my past phobic state. Now I am confident and have resumed my job.I am thankful to Vijay sir for regressing me and healing me.

Nayan Shah (Name changed)


 I am 25 years old executive working in London. A year back I developed severe depression while in London. Medicines were of no help. My parents in India advised me to come and meet Jain sir for therapy. We met him and Jain sir advised past life therapy. As sessions progressed my depression lifted. At end of 4 sessions I was back to my normal self. I thank Jain sir for taking my case and healing me.

Mita Bhatt (Name changed)

London, UK

I am 40 years old lady. I had been suffering of joint pains for past 5 years.I had been diagnosed with arthritis by orthopaedic doctors. I met Mr.Vijay Jain and he told me that my pain would go away after few sessions of past life therapy. I agreed for it and after 3 sessions, my knee pain disappeared. Now I can walk and sit down without pain. I thank Mr.Vijay Jain for relieving me of my pain.

Lata Lodha (Name changed)

Mehsana, India

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